Update Your Online Doctor Profile

Patients are looking for you.
Referring physicians are looking for you.
Make it easier to be found!

Thirty percent of the visitors to our websites (advocatehealth.com, amgdoctors.com, and advocatechildrenshospital) are looking for a physician.  To provide an optimal opportunity for both patients and referring physicians to connect with you, we have launched a redesign of online physician profiles and enhanced a paid search campaign to drive more web traffic to your profile.

Be sure to check your profile often to ensure information is current.

How Do I Update My Online Profile?

The following elements can be updated by completing the Consumer Access Center Survey or via your profile page, under your photo – “Update your profile.”

  • Date of Birth (used to display your age only)
  • Years in Practice
  • Office Hours
  • Practice Website (NOTE: AMG physician website will be amgdoctors.com. We cannot list hospital competitor’s websites or other scheduling websites like Zocdocs.com)
  • Top 15 Clinical Interests

o Use words that patients and/or physicians would use to find specific things you do/treat (e.g. diabetes management, asthma, GERD treatment)

o If you would like to remove any clinical interests, please email ASC-ConsumerAccessCenter@advocatehealth.com

  • Primary Clinical Focus (PCF):If you have a clinical focus in addition to your medical specialty, let us know. Please only submit one PCF.

o PCF will be displayed in italics, and slightly smaller, under the medical specialty

o e.g. – A physician board certified in General Surgery, doing most/all of their work as a breast surgeon may use “Breast Surgery” as a PCF, making it visible to consumer and referring clinicians

  • Philosophy of care statement: A philosophy of care statement expresses your values, beliefs and reflects what is important to you in the physician/patient relationship. This will help to make a more personal connection with your patient.

o Look for examples on your fellow physician profiles.

NOTE: Please know that you do not need to fill out every field once you are in. You can skip to any section you want and add/edit it appropriately.

The following updates can be made by contacting your primary hospital Medical Staff Office (MSO). Changes for AMG West Region physicians (Dreyer Clinic) can be made by contacting Elena Deleon at Elena.Deleon@aah.org.

  • Medical Specialty (consistent with training or Advocate recognized board certification criteria)
  • NOTE: Only specialties and subspecialties consistent with training or Advocate recognized board certification appear directly under the physician name:

o ABMS – American Board of Medical Specialties

o AOA – American Osteopathic Association

o ABFAS – American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery

o ADA – American Dental Association

o Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

  • o Training and Board Certification updates
  • o Hospital Affiliation


For Office Location Updates

  • Address, City, Zip, Office Phone, and Office Fax

o If you are an APP Physician, contact the Resolution Center at 847.298.6000 or email the request to APP-ProviderChanges@advocatehealth.com.

o Follow prompts for Provimailto:APP-ProviderChanges@advocatehealth.comder Advisor.

o If you are an AMG Physician, please contact the CPI Provider Enrollment Team.

o If you are an AMG West Region physician (legacy Dreyer Clinic), contact Elena Deleon at Elena.Deleon@aah.org.

o If you are an Independent Physician, contact the Medical Staff Office.

How Do I Add a Profile Video?

Physicians with a profile video are six times more likely to attract patients than those with no video. We are regularly scheduling videos at New Physician Orientations and at hospital sites.

To schedule your video, email:  Jennifer.Benson@aah.org.
In your email include the following: Your name, primary hospital location and specialty. We will contact you to coordinate a video sitting.

How Do I Add or Update My Profile Photo?

A photo is an important element of your profile. Some visitors may skip over profiles that do not include a headshot. A referring physician may recognize a face but not know the name.

To schedule your profile photo, email Jennifer.Benson@aah.org.

If a photo was taken and not on your profile, contact the Consumer Access Center by emailing them at ASC-ConsumerAccessCenter@advocatehealth.com